7 Quick Tips to Stop Hair Breakage

Target Split Ends

If you’re tired of frantically searching for reasons behind your hair breakage, we’re here to help you out. First of all, you need to remember that every person goes through hair breakage at some point; it is normal. Second, not all hair breakage is irreversible. Sometimes, all your hair needs is a little extra TLC, and it’ll return to its original shine. But before we go any further, let’s break down the meaning of hair breakage and the causes behind the same.

Many people confuse the shedding of hair or split ends with hair breakage. If you see complete strands falling to the ground when you comb, this is called hair shedding—On average, shedding of 50 to 100 strands a day is normal. More than this, and you should consult a doctor for underlying causes. Split ends are when your hair strands split and take a tree-like shape. It generally means that you need a haircut, but it can also be a way to spot early signs of breakage. If your hair strands seem shorter than the rest of your hair or you see smaller hair strands falling, these are signs that your hair is breaking. This can be due to many reasons, from taking too much stress and not eating well to chemically treating your hair too often or not protecting your hair from external factors. Whatever the reason, read ahead to find out how to prevent hair breakage.

7 Tips for Hair Breakage

1. Keep your Hair Moisturised.

Moistening Hair

If you’re wondering how to stop hair breakage naturally, keeping them moisturised should be your very first step. This is especially important if you have dense or curly hair as they are more prone to being brittle and breaking. You can moisturise your hair by applying essential oils, a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair, and serums for some TLC between washes. This will keep your hair healthy and prevent them from looking dull on a night out.

2. Target Split Ends Early On

Sometimes hair breakage treatment can be as simple as spotting the signs of breakage before it even occurs. Split ends can be sure shot signs that your hair needs a cut and that if left untreated, the strands will break. Keeping your ends sealed and using a leave-in conditioner after washes to give them the nourishment it needs is a great way to rejuvenate your hair and treat split ends. You should also avoid using shampoo on your ends, as this will only dry out your hair more.

Target Split Ends

3. Go Easy on the Heat

Go Easy on the Heat

Heating instruments such as curling wands or hair straighteners are a direct ticket to hair breakage. If you see that your hair is damaged, go easy on the heating tools and try not using them or using them sparingly. If it’s necessary for you to get chemical treatments or use these tools, a quick hair breakage remedy would be to apply a heat protecting product to your hair before styling. This will help in minimising the damage done and give you the same end results. You can also give your hair some extra TLC on the same day by applying a hair mask before wash or moisturising your hair.

4. Oil your Hair Correctly

Essential oils are a great way to pack in the moisture and give your hair the nutrients it needs to revive and stay healthy. There are many ways in which you can apply oil to your hair, but the correct method depends on your hair type and the kind of oil you use. If you’re using a lightweight oil, you can spritz it on daily and let it moisturise your hair. On the other hand, dense oils like coconut oil can be used as hair breakage treatment at home if you use them weekly and as a hair mask or hot oil treatment. You must also keep dense hair away from the scalp if you have thin hair because it may cause a build-up of oil that actually causes breakage instead of preventing it.

Oil your Hair Correctly

5. Have a Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet

What you eat affects all aspects of your body, especially your hair. Brittle hair or hair breakage is often caused by a lack of protein in your diet, due to which your hair doesn’t receive the nutrients it needs to maintain the bonds in your strands.
Having a balanced diet can help improve your hair’s health and prevent breakage since youe mane needs a healthy diet of vitamins and minerals for it to grow.

6. Avoid Tight Hair Ties

If you tie them hair ties tightly, they can damage your hair. Hair ties, especially elastic ones, if tied tightly, can lead to hair breakage. Use satin or silk hair ties or bobbles to avoid this disaster, and try tying your hair in different places, especially when you do an activity that induces sweat.

Avoid Tight Hair Ties

7. Oil your Hair Regularly

Oil Hair Regularly

Quick hair breakage treatment can be something as simple as oiling your hair regularly. Find out the best essential oil for your hair and use it to keep them moisturised and protected from external elements such as wind or sun damage. These can include Argan oil, Coconut oil, or even Shea Butter oil. If used in the concentrated form, ensure that you use a carrier oil and then apply to the scalp. This avoids any reactions or inflammation. You can also make use of the Parachute Advansed Hair Oil range for suitable products.

Frequently Added Questions

1. Does broken hair grow back?

If broken midway, the hair can grow back with the right kind of treatment. Avoiding factors such as styling or too much shampoo usage is also important. Restoring broken hair is much more difficult than preventing the breakage in the first place. If you do still want to give it a try, use our home remedies as quick fixes as mentioned above and create a hair care routine that is customised to your mane.

Broken hair grow back

2. How can I stop my hair from breaking naturally

stop hair from breaking naturally

If you are wondering how to stop hair breakage, there are plenty of home remedies that you can use to achieve this result. The first step to stopping the breakage is to determine the causes for its occurrence. You must then figure out what treatment from our list of home remedies, as mentioned above, works best for you and stick to a routine for your hair care.

3. What illnesses can cause hair breakage?

Sometimes, hair breakage can be a result of other underlying causes such as medical side effects from treatments or conditions like cancer, high blood pressure, thyroid problems etc. In this case, please consult your doctor to figure out how to treat hair breakage.

Illnesses cause hair breakage


Hair care is essential to keep your hair from dealing with unnecessary irritants such as external factors like UV rays and wind or breakage and split ends. Stressing about hair breakage only make it worse, as stress is one of the main causes. Instead, try to keep your cool and figure out the best way to move forward. Natural home remedies can be a great way to treat hair breakage, especially since it doesn’t include adding any extra product or chemicals to your hair. Lastly, you must make sure that you do everything you can to prevent hair breakage, as prevention is always better than cure.

If you are in the process of treating hair breakage and reviving it to its former glory, make sure that you give it the time it needs to repair. If you keep changing your routine, it can do more harm than good, and you will have to rely on drastic measures eventually. In any case, if you believe that the breakage is extensive, consult your doctor before any further treatment as it may be a cause for concern.

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