Our Core

The best kept secret from nature!

With the natural nourishing goodness of coconut, Parachute Advansed comes from Marico to give you the care that you deserve. Using the superior knowledge of nature’s finest ingredients, we bring to you a range to cater to your hair care and skin care needs & rituals. We ensure that all our products are made from 100% natural coconut oil.

The science of natural blends

Parachute Advansed brings the best and the most unique blends of natural ingredients through the new range to give you the care you deserve. With natural goodness and pleasant sensorials, the new oils provide amazing benefits to your hair and skin!

Natural Blends

As nothing beats nature!

At Parachute Advansed, we believe that nothing beats nature. That is why we use only the finest and most powerful ingredients. Whether it’s Vitamin E or Aloe Vera or Coconut Oil, we make sure you get the care you deserve.

Some of our special ingredients are as below.


The core of natural nourishment!

To give you the finest coconut goodness, fresh and the finest coconuts are hand-picked from the vast coastlines of Indian Ocean and only the best and the healthiest coconuts are chosen for making the product ensuring they are all 100% organic. As Parachute Advansed contains 100% pure and natural coconut oil, it freezes under the temperature of 25 °C. Freezing is a symbol of purity.

Coconut Oil
Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E

Stronger hair, lasting shine!

Our scientific research has shown that Vitamin E is a key component in healthier hair and our customers love us for it! We make sure to only add the best ingredients from nature, so even the Vitamin E that we add is 100% natural.

Aloe Vera

Now soft hair can be strong!

Aloe Vera is one of the most beneficial ingredients to make your hair soft and smooth. And Parachute Advansed prides itself in the use of this oil as it gives our customers great results by nourishing their hair at the deepest levels leaving it soft and manageable with every use. Now, soft can be strong!

Aloe Vera Oil
Coconut Oil

100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Purest care for your skin!

Your search for a 100% pure & organic skin moisturizer stops here. The carefully cold-pressed process ensures all-natural goodness of this oil, including its high content of vitamin, antioxidants, and minerals are preserved. This is a special natural ingredient that has a myriad of benefits for your skin.

When beautiful meets natural!

As Parachute Advansed, we care for your needs and constantly aim to provide the best solutions for your needs. Which is why we bring you unique and high-quality products that can make your hair and skin utmost desirable!