What Is Inversion Method and How Can It Promote Your Hair Growth

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Inversion Method HairGrowth

When you’re looking for a method to grow your hair, you will find a lot of solutions. One of them is the inversion method, an unconventional way to boost hair growth. The Inversion Method for Hair Growth amps up blood flow to the head and scalp, thereby stimulating the hair follicles and enabling them to grow a couple of inches or so a month. That is, at least according to its proponents. While there isn’t much evidence to prove that it works, we cannot disprove its effectiveness.

What the research says

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While the Inversion Method HairGrowth may not be scientifically proven, there are a host of other solutions you can try.  If you want to make an impact on the health of your hair while giving it its fill and increase its volume, include more Omega-3 fatty acids (from salmon or flaxseeds for example) to your diet. You can also add more protein to your diet in the form of lean meats, eggs or beans. Eat those leafy greens and vegetables for added Zinc or take a supplement to ensure the oil glands around the hair follicles are working in perfect order. Also, following some general hair-care tips can help you grow your hair in the long run! Avoid any shampoo, conditioner or hair product for that matter that is not wholly natural and organic. You will be doing more than your head of hair a favor! Also don’t subject your hair to overexposure of hot water, flat-irons or heavy heated blow-drying. And for more severe cases of hair loss or otherwise, please immediately consult a medical professional for an expert consultation on the matter.

Inversion Method HairGrowth

How to use the inversion method

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inversion method

You will be upside down for a good portion of time, you need to be sure you are up for it, so keep an eye on your wellbeing and should you feel any dizziness, dips or spikes in blood pressure, muscle and neck stiffness or soreness or a drastic change in heart-rates, please immediately stop what you are doing and carefully pick yourself up, to an upright position. Avoid any sudden moves for a moment and allow the flow of blood to regulate back into the swing of things.

Third section talks about How to use the inversion method?

Now, all you need to get started into the Inversion Method for Hair Growth is nothing really – just dip your head below your knees, hang it over the side of your bed or sofa and if you’re very sporty, do a handstand! You can also use an Inversion table, which is beneficial not only for hair growth and scalp stimulation but also for releasing tension, relaxing muscles, realigning spine and enhancing general mobility and flexibility.

inversion method
Inversion Hair growth

For best results and to achieve the optimal follicle stimulation using the Inversion Method for Hair regrowth, it is highly recommended to include a healthy oil such as Coconut Oil.  This “optional part” is the only truly, scientifically proven part of the whole method, by the way. Simply lather the Coconut Oil deeply and thoroughly into your scalp and along the strands of your hair, then  bow your head to the relaxing effects of the Inversion Method. Apply the routine twice a day for one week. For optimal Inversion Hair growth, allow the Coconut Oil to settle for a couple of hours before washing your hair, preferably with a mild shampoo.

Fourth section talks about Maintaining healthy hair

Before you immerse yourself into the Inversion Method for Hair Growth, we recommend the following process – find the essential oil of your choice, blend a few drops with a carrier oil, such as the highly effective Coconut Oil and then massage it thoroughly and deeply into your scalp, along the strands of your hair. Using your fingers, gently comb through the follicles outwardly, from the scalp to the strands before massaging in both clockwise and counterclockwise for a few minutes (no more than five) each to invigorate the pores. Next, place your head upside-down (as listed above to your preference) to maximize the blood flow rushing to the scalp. Make sure your hair is all dangling upside down by brushing it. Hold the pose for four minutes then slowly and cautiously sit back in an upright position and wait a moment for your body to regulate back to its normal state. At this point, be wary of any ailment or dizziness you may be experiencing. Once assured, wash your hair following your typical hair-care routine using a mild shampoo, a nourishing conditioner under some cool water and let it air dry before patting it dry with a towel.
For the desired results from the inversion hair growth method, do this daily for a week per month.

Maintaining healthy hair

Why should you use Parachute Advansed Hair Oil?

Fifth section talks about Why you should use Parachute Advansed Hair Oil

Inversion Method for Hair Growth

Now, when selecting the right oil for you, you would be doing your hair a favor by using the all-natural and organic Parachute Advansed Hair Oil, featuring nature’s finest 100% pure, coconut oil. Not only does the coconut oil penetrate ten layers beneath the scalp to revitalize the roots themselves, but you can opt for a blend of either Shea oil or Argan oil for added benefits. Complementing the coconut oil, the Shea oil serves as a powerful moisturiser, retaining natural hair colour with a more lustrous shine, while the Argan oil, renews and revitalizes hair that is dry or damaged due to heat and chemical treatments. The science speaks for itself, and as mentioned before, oiling is the only scientifically proven part to the entire Inversion Method for Hair Growth.

Frequently Added Questions

1- Can I do the inversion method for hair growth everyday?

Yes. After going through and following the proper health checklist mentioned in this blog, you can try  the inversion method for hair growth twice a day for up to five minutes for one week per month.

2- How long can your hair grow with the inversion method?

The hair can grow 2-3 inches per month, at least according to its proponents. While there isn’t much evidence to prove it works, its opponents also cannot prove that it doesn’t.

3- Does the inversion method work without oil?

While there is no scientific evidence to prove it works, there is no evidence to prove otherwise as well. That being said, this optional part,” is actually the only truly, scientifically proven part of the whole method.


While it can’t hurt to try some treatments, this one can, so it is imperative to ensure you are up to it and know the risks and what you are getting yourself into before even thinking about attempting it. So, once you’ve gone through the checklist and learn about the method, follow the outline mentioned in this blog to keep it safe and effective. If you feel any change in your health while undergoing the Inversion Method for Hair Regrowth, we urge you to please return to the starting position slowly and carefully. Give it a moment and let your body regulate itself. If you feel a persistent problem, please consult a medical professional for an expert diagnosis of your case. While it may not be for everyone, you may just find it right, for you!

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