Top 5 Causes of Hair Breakage

Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is something that we all fear. It is the end-all, which while temporary, is very hard to come back from. The breakage has various stages of damage. Your hair can simply have split ends, or the breakage could travel further up to the hair shaft, making it necessary to cut your losses and visit the saloon. Sowhat causes hair to break off? Read ahead to find out some of the primary causes of hair breakage or damage and how you can curb them.

Reasons for Hair Breakage

1. Diet


What you eat and drink affects all areas of your body. Following the right diet is essential for keeping hair healthy. The food we eat provides the vitamins, protein and minerals that your hair needs to remain healthy and undamaged. Protein is an essential part of the bonds that keep your hair healthy and therefore, it is imperative that you include it in your diet. But remember, too much protein can make your hair brittle and even cause sudden hair breakage.
The amount of water you drink also affects the health of your hair, so drinking a lot of water is ideally the best solution for hair breakage. You should make it a habit to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces every day. For examples, if you weigh 200 pounds, having about 100 ounces of water should keep you hydrated. Remember that this means drinking only water and not beverages like coffee or tea that can cause dehydration,and are therefore counterproductive to this idea.

2. Stress

The saying that stress leads to grey hair is not far from the truth, figuratively at least if not literally. Hair breaking off and falling out can be due to both physical as well as mental stress. If you tend to stress out a lot, this may affect your hair growth to the point that your hair follicle may cave in the middle of the growth cycle. Due to this, you are not only losing the 50-100 strands that falls on average but also those that haven’t completed their growth yet. This is also why a lot of young people sport a mane spattered with grey hairs.
Putting your hair through physical stress can also be one of the causes of hair breakage. Tying your hair in the same place every day, especially during workouts or styling your hair in different ways, can pull your hair and add stress. Towel drying, sleeping on a cotton pillow or combing your hair roughly also cause added stress that leads to hair breakage.


3. Lack of Moisture

Lack of moisture

If you’re wondering what causes hair to break off, one of the most common reasons is that your hair is dry and more prone to tangling or breakage. Lack of moisture can not only leave your hair looking dull, but it can also cause excessive hair breakage. Your hair loses its moisture when you stay in a climate with low humidity, use too much heat while styling or are exposed to environmental factors. It can also dry out due to certain products or if you skip the conditioner when you wash your hair. Some hair types are more prone to dryness, and so using essential oils or leave-ins are imperative to keep your hair from breaking.
If you believe that your hair is dry, make sure that you include a moisturising product in your hair care routine and only apply shampoo to your scalp so that your hair strands aren’t stripped off your natural oils.

4. Heat Damage

Heat damage and over-processing can be one of the causes of hair breakage. If you often rely on straighteners, curlers and treatments such as perming or relaxingit can cause your hair to fall at a much faster rate. This is because all these products use a high amount of heat that causes severe damage to your hair. You must reduce the amount of times you use these treatments and when you do, do not forget to make use of a thermal protectant to keep the health of your hair intact. Make sure that you aren’t using heating tools on dripping wet hair as this will only add to the damage.

Heat Damage

5. Over Washing

Over Washing

If you don’t fall in any of the above categories and your hair is still breaking, you might be asking yourself- “what is the reason my hair is breaking and falling out?” Sometimes, the problem can be as simple as over washing. If you tend to wash your hair every day, chances are that your hair fall will increase. This is because your hair is more prone to breaking when it’s wet. Along with this, over shampooingstrips your hair off its natural oils, making your hair dry. If you do this too often, it will lead to dry and damaged hair that causes hair breakage.

Frequently Added Questions

What illnesses can cause hair breakage?

Sometimes hair breaking and falling out can be caused by illnesses you might have or even medication. If you suffer from hypothyroidism or eating disorders, and are experiencing hair breakage, chances are that it’s an effect from the illness. In this case, you must consult a doctor to help you figure out the best hair breakage solution.


What vitamin deficiency can cause hair loss and breakage?

Hair Loss & breakage

If you’re wondering what can cause hair breakage and if vitamin deficiency is a reason, you’re probably right. A lack of Vitamin D can result in a decrease in the simulation of hair follicles. This stunts the growth of new and old follicles, hence reducing the growth and leading to damage and breakage.


Hair breakage is fairly common if you lead a lifestyle that doesn’t allow you to take care of your hair on a regular basis. But with these precautions and hair care tips, you can restore the health of your hair.

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