5 Essential Showers Tips to Make the Most of Your Shower Routine

Rinse Wisely

Hair wash days are the most important days around which our hair care routine is built. On those days, we pamper our hair and prepare it for the busy week ahead. But what if the way you wash your hair is doing more damage than good?

Many of us have a showering routine that we have been sticking to since birth with little to no change. But your hair goes through several changes and you may need something entirely different from the hair wash routine you’ve been following all these years. Here are some hair shower tips to make the most of your wash days and give your hair the care it needs.

Shower Routine Tips for Healthy Hair

1. Shampooing

  • Rinse Wisely

Rinse Wisely

While shampooing is one of the most important parts of your routine, rinsing properly shouldn’t be ignored. Before you begin to shampoo, ensure that your hair is completely wet so that the product is not too harsh on your mane. Rinsing also helps remove any excess dirt. Essential hair shower tips for rinsing include using gushing water and ensuring that all parts of your hair are wet. Rinsing with lukewarm water helps lock in the moisture, whereas hot water can strip off all the natural oils and damage your cuticles.

  • Mix Shampoo With Water

When applying shampoo, make sure your hair is dripping wet so that the shampoo mixes with the water. This allows even distribution of shampoo in your hair. Using this shower tip also means that you end up using much less shampoo, which is healthier for your hair and also economical.

Mix Shampoo With Water
  • Avoid Sulphates

Probably one of the most important shower tips to keep in mind is regarding chemical shampoos. Since shampoos help clarify any build-up, they often contain chemicals like parabens and sulphates. These can cause allergic reactions and severely damage your hair. Using sulphate-free shampoos and clarifying shampoos with no chemicals is the best way to ensure that your hair is not damaged in the process of washing.

  • Understand Your Hair Type

Just like any other hair product, choosing the right shampoo means following hair shower tips for your specific hair type. The same shampoo doesn’t work for those with dry hair and oily hair. Similarly, using a shampoo specifically for coloured hair is important to preserve the colour while nourishing your scalp.

Understand Your Hair Type
  • Only on Scalp

Only on Scalp

The shampoo is used to cleanse dead skin cells or build-up formed on your scalp. Using it on the rest of your hair will only strip them off natural oils and leave them dry and limp. To avoid such a fate, gently massage your scalp and ensure that you’re not shampooing the rest of your hair.

2. Conditioning

  • Conditioner After Every Wash

After shampooing, the next essential step of hair wash is conditioning. If shampoo clarifies your hair, conditioner is what gives it nutrients and keeps it hydrated. Using a conditioner is extremely important, especially if you have dry or curly hair. Remember that the best source of moisture is water. So when you wash your hair, the best hair shower tips to ensure maximum hydration is to apply the conditioner on wet hair. This allows the conditioner to pack in and seal the moisture.

Conditioner After Every Wash
  • Don’t Apply on Scalp

Your scalp produces natural oils that keep it moisturised. Using products on your scalp along with natural oils can cause build-up if not washed properly. This is why one of the best hair shower tips for conditioning is not to use the product on your scalp. Instead, use the conditioner from your mid-length to the ends (especially the ends, as they’re the driest).

  • Deep Conditioning

Deep Conditioning

Once in two weeks to a month (depending on how dry your hair gets), treat your hair to a deep condition. Deep conditioning can help pack in the nutrients that your hair requires to thrive and give you those smooth and silky locks. You can also opt to do a co-wash or conditioner only wash at the same frequency as an alternative to deep conditioning.

  • Cold Water Rinse

We already know how hot water damages hair, but one of the shower tips you can use to boost conditioning is to make your water colder. When you use cold water to rinse out the conditioner, it closes up the cuticles. This means that your hair doesn’t take in excess moisture from your surroundings which can make it frizzy.

Cold Water Rinse

3. Drying

  • Cotton T-Shirt/Microfiber Towels

Cotton T-Shirt/Microfiber Towels

The way you dry your hair is very important. Remember that hair that is wet is at its most vulnerable. Once you’re out of the shower, don’t dry or wrap your hair in a regular cotton towel. This can be too harsh and cause friction, which in turn causes dry and damaged strands. Instead, switch to a gentler microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt.

  • Don’t Rub Too Much

Rubbing your hair aggressively to dry it out is a huge mistake. Instead, gently pat your hair dry or squeeze it to remove excess water. Make sure you do this with a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel, as mentioned above.

  • Ditch the Blow Dryer

If you’re in a hurry and can’t wait to let your hair dry naturally, don’t pick up the blow dryer just yet. Instead, invest in a diffuser, which reduces the heat of the blow dryer and gives your hair more volume. Diffusers are a great way to reduce any breakage caused due to heat styling or blow-drying.

4. Detangling

  • Detangle with Conditioner

One of the most useful hair shower tips when it comes to detangling is to do it with a conditioner. Conditioner makes your hair slippery and your tangles soft, because of which it is easier to detangle your hair with minimum breakage.

  • From Ends to Roots

Always start detangling from your ends and gradually move up to your roots. When you do this, you ensure that your hair doesn’t break while you detangle and minimise hair fall.

  • Wide-Tooth Combs

Wide-tooth combs are the best for detangling because they don’t frizz your hair while also achieving the end goal. These combs also help you clump your hair to promote volume and easy maintenance.

4. Extra Shower Tips

Extra Shower Tips
  • Pre-shampoo Treatment

If you’re prone to hair fall or have dry hair, using a pre-shampoo treatment can help protect them when they’re wet. For utilising this shower tip, you can use the Parachute Advansed Hair Oil, which promotes hair growth and repairs your strands from within.

  • Steaming Hair

Before you head to the shower, you can also steam your hair by using a towel soaked in hot water. Remove the excess water and wrap your hair with a towel. Alternatively, you can also use a steamer. The steam helps open up the pores on your scalp so that more moisture is soaked during hair wash.

  • Don’t Wash Daily

Don’t Wash Daily

Washing hair daily can increase hair loss and damage your hair. A good shower tip to follow regardless of your hair type is to keep your washes to no more than once or twice a week for the best results.

  • Styling

Styling your hair is an important wash day ritual and can sometimes last until your next wash day too. Use products like leave-in conditioners or gels to style your hair when they’re still wet. Adjust the kind of styling product you use according to your hair type and texture to obtain the best results.


Why Should You Use Parachute Advansed Hair Oil?

Parachute Advansed Hair Oil is great for use on wash days and even between washes. With Parachute, you get to choose from a range of hair oils, each suited to a different type and texture. All the oils help repair your hair in an organic manner and are a great addition to the steps in our shower tips. So, if you’re looking for a wash day product that doesn’t have chemicals, choosing the Parachute Advansed Hair Oil is your best choice.

Frequently Added Questions

Is it Better to Brush your Hair in the Shower?

Brushing your hair when they’re wet can cause a lot of hair fall if not done correctly. If you opt for one of the popular shower tips and detangle damp hair, make sure that you have a healthy amount of conditioner in your hair. The slippery product will make your strands softer and result in lesser breakage.

Does Wetting Hair Everyday Damage it?

Wetting hair every day doesn’t damage your hair, but it may remove any styling products you may have put on them. But if you’re talking about washing your hair daily, that’s a big no when it comes to shower routine tips. This activity can damage your hair and lead to a lot of hair loss.


Hair wash days can be a day full of pampering and relaxing for you and your hair, but they can also turn into nightmares. To avoid this, use our shower routine tips and see your hair grow healthily and naturally!

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