Female Pattern Baldness Treatment: How to Effectively Treat Baldness in Women

Scalp Massage

Hair loss in women is a common issue, especially as you grow older and the growth of your hair slows down. However, baldness can often be considered taboo; hence, most women try to cover their hair loss with different hairstyles instead of getting it treated.

There can be many reasons for balding, ranging from genetics and stress to hormonal changes and medications or medical conditions. It is also not necessary that balding occurs only when you grow old. Women can show signs of balding as early as their teenage years. Thus, it is essential that you spot those signs and understand the causes behind them to choose the right female baldness treatment for yourself. Here are some of the treatments available that you can try.

At Home Treatment for Baldness in Women

1. Using Hair Growth Shampoos

Hair Growth Shampoos

One of the products you can use for the treatment of baldness in women is hair growth shampoos. Two hormones that are responsible for the majority of hair loss are testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. When you use a hair growth shampoo, it interferes with the production and effect of these hormones right from the base. Thus, if you’re looking for a solution that targets the first phase of hair loss at the scalp itself, this option is for you.

2. Eating a Nutritious Diet

Nutrition is important to keep your hair healthy and strong. Without the right amount of vitamins, proteins and minerals, your follicles cannot combat the bacteria or maintain their elasticity. If you suspect that is the cause of your hair loss, maintaining a nutritional diet is the easy female baldness treatment for you.

Eating a Nutritious Diet

3. Scalp Massage

Scalp Massage

Scalp massages can be a great way to promote hair growth and help with the treatment of baldness in women. Scalp massages can increase hair thickness because the motion allows the cells in your follicles to stretch. This, in turn, stimulates the follicles and gears them to work harder to maintain your hair strands. With the help of a scalp massage, you also promote blood circulation in your scalp, which boosts hair health and growth.

To make the best of your scalp massage, ensure that you apply only mild to medium pressure. Use your fingers and make circular motions to massage your scalp gently. Make sure to cover your entire scalp and do it for about five minutes every day. You can also make use of Parachute Advansed Hair Oil as a hot oil treatment and incorporate it in your scalp massage routine before hair wash. This significantly boosts the ability of the massage to work as a treatment of baldness in women as it has reparative properties and boosts hair growth.

4. Apply Hair Oil Regularly

Hair oils can be a great source of nutrients and help massage the scalp into action by stimulating the hair follicles. You can use heavy oils such as Parachute Advansed Hair Oil or essential oils like lavender or Vitamin E oil mixed with carrier oils to help with the treatment of baldness in women. As opposed to other methods, hair oils present a natural solution to female baldness treatment and don’t pose any harm to your scalp. They can stimulate blood circulation, repair damaged hair and boost hair growth so that it retains elasticity without disturbing your hair’s growth cycle.

Apply Hair Oil Regularly

5. Avoid Using Chemicals

Avoid Using Chemicals

There are many treatments out there that promise hair growth but are packed with chemicals that do more harm than good. Chemicals can disrupt your hormone cycle and interrupt hair growth than promote it. Sometimes, chemicals are temporary solutions to a long term problem. So, try to keep your female baldness treatment natural and sustainable and if you insist on using chemicals, ensure that you get it approved by an expert that can back the claims.

Why Should You Use Parachute Advansed Hair Oil for Hair Loss?

Parachute Advansed Hair Oil is a 100% natural oil with organic ingredients sourced from nature. The range has oils for every hair type, so no matter what your hair texture is if you’re trying to find a treatment for baldness in women, we’ve got a solution for you. The hair oil also seeps into your scalp and strands, repairs from within and directly help with the roots of your hair by boosting growth.

Frequently Added Questions

Is Female Baldness Curable?

First of all, you must remember that baldness is not a disease but a common issue faced by many people. Whether or not you can grow back the hair you lost or if your baldness is temporary or permanent depends on the causes. However, if the baldness is indeed temporary, you can use the host of treatment options that we have detailed for you in this post.

What Causes Female Baldness?

Female baldness is caused due to many reasons. You might see baldness or thinning of hair if there has been a drastic change in your lifestyle, as this adds to stress. Diet changes or hormonal changes also play a part in hair loss and balding. If you have an underlying medical condition or thyroid or have been taking some medications, baldness can be a side effect in these cases. If you cannot figure out the causes of baldness, it will be helpful to visit a doctor to proceed with the correct female baldness treatment.


Female baldness is not as widely discussed as male pattern baldness, but addressing this topic and understanding the causes and possible treatments may make dealing with this easier. If you have female baldness and plan to use these treatments, you must remember that any and every solution takes time.

Having patience, especially when trying to reverse or slow down baldness is of the utmost importance as it may take a few months before the results are visible. Lastly, ensure that you identify the causes of female baldness before you decide to treat them, and if you can, get it cleared by a professional.

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